We believe the best approach to caring for the spine is with the Upper Cervical Chiropractic method. There is no popping, twisting, or cracking of the spine with this method; instead utilizing a gentle, precise method of correcting subluxations. You hardly feel a thing when receiving the correction, and the impact is immediate, releasing pressure on the spinal cord, which runs through the vertebrae of the spine.

This is why it is common for our patients to see improvements in areas beyond just back pain; commonly, relief is seen from headaches & migraines, “floaters” in the vision, dizziness, loss of balance, ringing in the ears, TMJ pain, neck pain, tingling & numbness in the hands, heart palpitations, digestive disorders like constipation or diarrhea, menstrual pain, prostate issues, leg pain, cold feet, tingling & numbness in the legs & feet, anxiety, depression, & fatigue – although the list is much longer of results you may have from this method of spinal care.

Because Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care treats the whole spine as one, rather than taking a segmental approach, anything that the nervous system impacts, can be affected by achieving correct spinal alignment through Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. The following tests are performed before an adjustment to determine if a patient’s spine is in alignment or out of alignment.

Barone Spinal Care utilizes the TyTron C-3000™ as its computerized paraspinal thermographic scanner. There are over 8,000 peer reviewed and indexed papers on the use of this technology.

How Does Thermography Work?
The TyTron C-3000 measures thermal asymmetries in skin temperature on both sides of the spine. These asymmetries are the results of nerve irritation. The nerve irritation is due to the presence of vertebral subluxation. This instrument records about 16 temperature measurements per inch scanned. The software processes the readings to come up with the actual temperature. At the time of your scan, your results will show up on the screen, allowing the doctor and yourself to view results right away.

How Safe Is This Technology?
TyTron C-3000 is very safe. It is non-invasive and uses sensors to pick up the heat coming off a person’s neck. No harmful radiation is emitted. It can be used on all people including children and pregnant females.


How Does sEMG Work?
Surface EMG is an instrument in which electrodes are placed on top of the surface skin to detect electrical activity of muscles. This allows the doctors to see how the nervous system is controlling the scanned surface muscles. Disturbance to the nerves can cause abnormal readings in your muscles. You will see your results during the scan and get an exact picture of your bodies nervous system balance. Barone Spinal Care utilizes the MyoVision 8000. It is known to have the most reproducible signal to date.

How Safe Is This Technology?
SEMG is safe and non-invasive. The electrodes are placed on the surface of the skin, not in the skin. So you don’t feel a thing. No harmful radiation is emitted. It can be used on all people including children and pregnant females.


A supine leg check is performed as part of the chiropractic examination. When the atlas goes out of place, many times one leg becomes shorter than the other. This does not happen because one leg is anatomically longer, it occurs because the muscles on one side of the back contract more than the other. Many of these muscles attach to the pelvis causing one side to be pulled up more. This causes one leg to appear shorter. The presence of a short leg is one sign that a person is subluxated. After the first upper cervical correction, 95% of our patients legs level out completely allowing even ankle, knee and hip weight distribution.

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