Degenerative Discs

July 21, 2005

Dear Dr. Barone,

Being 71 years of age and having driven trucks across the country for 40 plus years, I’ve been diagnosed with lumbar degenerative disc disease with radicular neurophy.

For more years that I care to reveal I have had lower back pain, headaches, stiff neck with shoulder pains. I have taken pain pills, been on and off several chiropractors care, and used hot water heating pads – all of this only gave me temporary relief.

After hearing Dr. Barone’s radio program, I felt just perhaps this man could help relieve some of my pain, besides he offered a deal I couldn’t refuse. After all of the exams, x-rays and evaluation by Dr. Barone, I okayed that first painless treatment and felt almost immediate improvement. Since starting this very professional treatment (none of that snap, crackle and pop stuff), I have not taken one pain pill or used other means for relief. I am staying in alignment for longer and longer so I am improving. At my age I know I’ll never be 100%, but being 80% plus is fantastic!

Thank you, – R. F. R.

Dr. Barone Spinal Care, December 5, 2008

I first came to Dr. Barone upon referral by a friend who suggested that I might find relief from a number of chronic pains that I was complaining about. I have degenerative disc disease and a host of other arthritic conditions (bad knees, aching bones in my feet, hands and other joints) caused by constant battering of my body through athletic activities like cheer-leading, track & field, dance, aerobics, tennis… you-name-it!

My joint pain has escalated steadily for the last few years and I’ve added to my list of complaints: chronic neck pain, tight jaws, cracking joints and frequent headaches.

At about the same time I made my first visit to Barone Spinal Care. The staff at Barone Spinal Care has been terrific. All are attentive and seem genuinely concerned about patients. I was impressed on my first visit by the thoroughness of the evaluative examinations that were given and have remained impressed by the exacting approach that is employed with the technique.

After my first adjustment I felt light-headed…almost euphoric. That surprised me since I barely felt anything at all during the adjustment! I was mildly aware that the doctor was applying slight pressure to a spot behind my ear. I also noticed after the first adjustment that a headache I’d had for several days was gone.

Each week has been a little bit different for me. I don’t always feel light-headed after an adjustment and sometimes I am more aware of being adjusted than others! Sometimes I’ve actually already been in alignment and didn’t need an adjustment.

I’ve noticed a number of changes since starting treatment at Barone Spinal Care:

I am sleeping better.
My bowels have become more regulated.
I still have neck pain, but my jaws no longer feel tight nor do they crack and click.
My lower back seems to have a few issues that I didn’t notice before, but I’ve been told that’s due to the changes that my spine is going through.
I still experience some radiculopathy and numbness in my hands and legs, particularly if I’ve lain in one spot without moving for too long, but there is a significant improvement in my circulation overall.
I feel less tired than I used to.
I have not had palpitations in several months now.

I am committed to continue with Barone Spinal Care for the rest of the year to see what more we can accomplish together. I definitely feel encouraged and believe that coming to see Dr. Barone has made a difference for me. I would recommend them to anyone without reservation!

– Renee A. P.

~Schererville, IN

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