Cervical/Neck/ Shoulder Pain

Dear Dr. Barone,

I came to your practice after I was in a car accident in October 2003. My family doctor, Dr. Bruce Bell, recommended that I have a consultation with you after I sprained my neck and back.

I came to the office that day and met with you. You were very professional. You asked many questions about my medical history. I told you about my legs, my hips, and my inability to stand on my legs for any length of time. I also felt that I was moving like I was much older that I was in reality. After the consultation, I decided to go with X-rays and the first treatment. Almost immediately I could walk without the limp. My legs were the same length after the adjustment. I have been coming twice a week since mid-November and my pain has really decreased. You said it will take time for me to become pain-free and now I am starting to see that happen.

I am so grateful that I came to your office for that consultation. It has changed my life. My husband and son are also glad that they have started treatment with you.

Thank you so much for helping me get back on the road to recovery. Sincerely, 

– Cheryl B.

Dr. Barone:

I have a long history of neck and shoulder pain, stemming from a traumatic head injury as a child. In my early 30’s I had a radical diskectomy at cervical disks 4/5 to correct a ruptured disk that created daily excruciating migraines, shoulder pain and shooting pain down my right arm. About 2 years after the surgery I began to get migraines again. I knew the symptoms… blinding pain behind my left eye, pain in my right shoulder, shooting pain down my arm.The thought of having to go through surgery again frightened me and I was in denial about my condition. I endured the pain for 2 years before I was evaluated by Dr. Barone.

I started seeing Dr. Barone a little over 2 months ago. I understood the concept of NUCCA practices, but assumed that chiropractic correction should be a dramatic adjustment to be healing. Also – I was more than wary of chiropractic practice because I had been hurt by having my back adjusted years ago and also because my surgeon and specifically warned me against chiropractic.

However, 3 people I knew had gone to see Dr. Barone with amazing results – what did I have to lose???

After my first visit, I felt off balance. Not in a bad way, just odd. After a month of visits, about twice a week, I began to discern “bad days” versus “good days”. This meant I was having good days!!! The irony is that the good days snuck up on me!! I took them fro granted because the pain in my neck wasn’t existing on a daily basis.

Through the help of Barone Spinal Care and NUCCA practice I do not need to consider additional disk fusions! What’s done is done, I cannot turn back time and see Dr. Barone before my first surgery but I can definitely do something about the future. I do not need to deny myself a pain-free life. I can look forward and not fear!!

With kind regards, – Connie H.


Dear Dr. Barone,

I was suffering with a stiff neck, low back pain, and a tingling sensation in my fingers for the past 20 years. All these things made me very uncomfortable so I tried treating the pain on my own by using ointments, but there was no improvement. Then I heard you on WYLL, the radio station, and was very interested by what you had to say.

My experience here has been great. The Doctors give very detailed explanations. The amazing part is that I didn’t feel a thing. There was no popping, no cracking, no pain, no nothing. Changes I noticed immediately after the correction was less stiffness in the neck, fewer headaches, less dizziness, less pins and needles, less hip pains, less low back pain, and less knee pains.

My suffering has improved tremendously because of this treatment and I am very thankful to Dr. Barone and his staff for improving my life.

Sincerely, – Peter K.

May 12, 2006

Dear Barone Spinal Care,

I am 42 years old and live in Kentucky. I started having problems with my neck and left shoulder back in January 2005, I just thought I was getting older and some pains here and there come with age. In February 2005 I started having shooting pains going down my left arm and into my head. So I went to the doctor, he told me I probably pulled a muscle in my neck because it mainly stemmed from my neck. Then my left arm started to turn purple, cold and would swell, which means my circulation was being cut off, plus I would lose all feeling in that arm and hand. This really scared me, because all you ever hear is “if it’s your left arm, something is wrong with your heart…” .

I went through every single doctor & treatment possible to find out what was wrong, with no success. After being told that this would not go away without surgury, I scheduled my surgury for Feb of that year. I called my sister on January 4th2006 to tell her that I had scheduled the surgery. I just so happens that my sister works next door to Barone Spinal Care. One of the doctors listened as she told him about me & he told her to have me call him and talk to him before I have the surgery, because he thought they might be able to help me without going through such a traumatic procedure. So I called him, he was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and was so confident they could help me without doing any surgery that he asked me to come Illinois to see them. Of course I wanted to try anything to get out of the surgery, so I made an appointment.

My first visit was on January 24th2006,I got to learn more about NUCCA and their procedure and I got an evaluation to see if I would be eligible for them to help me. I must tell you, after meeting Dr. Barone I felt like I was family. They had a genuine concern for my well being.I left feeling confident that I could avoid having surgery. They asked me to give them three months to try and help, so I thought “what do I have to lose?” so I postponed my surgery. I came back on February 17, 2006 to have my first adjustment, which was painless, I didn’t feel anything. It was like a miracle, my arm instantly turned back to it’s normal color and was no longer cold. As I continue to come to Barone Spinal Care and have adjustments, my pains have gone away. I have regained the use of my left arm. My life is mine again, I no longer have problems sleeping or doing things with my children. The last time I had to be adjusted was in the middle of March, I have been holding in place since then.

I do not know how to ever thank Dr. Redinger, Dr. Barone and my sister for what they have done for me. I was living with so much pain for 1 year and now I have basically none, very minor, which should go away in time. If I went ahead with the surgery, I would still be recovering.

Thank you with all my heart. – Darla S.

May 22, 2006

Dear Barone Spinal Care,

Due to my job, the last couple of years my posture got lazier & I started feeling tightness and slight pain across my shoulders, tightness in my lower back, and uncomfortableness in my legs. I was 43 years old at the time so after meeting the doctors from Barone Spinal Care, I started treatment right away. A year later I can say that the team at Dr. Barone’s office has helped me feel free of the pain and discomfort that I had before I started treatment. They also taught me what things to look out for to avoid problems in the future.

I look forward to going to Barone Spinal Care. They have very friendly staff that do everything possible to make my visit pleasant.

Thank you for helping me improve my overall mental and physical health.

Sincerely, – Andy L.

January 14th, 2008

Dear Dr. Barone,

I am 65 years old and was experiencing pain in my right hip and I was unable to walk very well. I had reoccurring pains for about 4 years. I heard about Dr. Barone on the radio and decided to come in and see him. Dr. Barone aligned my upper cervical spine and the hip pain went away after the first adjustment. My problems with constipation have also greatly improved. I have noticed that after my first adjustment I seem to have more energy to walk and do my daily activities.

Sincerely, – Douglas M.

Dear Dr. Barone:

I have been suffering with neck problems for many years. An instructor at the Buehler YMCA told me about Dr. Barone and the wonderful things he and his staff have accomplished. I suffered from loss of range of motion, pain in moving my neck, finger numbness, low back pain, hip pain, and pain in my feet. I have tried several chiropractors and they did not help. In fact, many times the pain was worse. I have had physical therapy many times and still suffered from pain and loss of motion.

I finally went to an orthopedic surgeon and after extensive testing, the surgical procedure recommended was an anterior cervical disectomy and fusion from C-5 through C-7. Another option was a cervical epidural steroid injection. Neither of these options were for me. In fact it scared me.

When I talked to Mary, the instructor at the Y, I asked her for Dr. Barone’s phone number. I started treatment with Dr. Barone in January of 2007 and so far I have been, for the most part, pain free.

Sincerely, – Theresa G.

August 7, 2008

Dear Dr. Barone,

Around October 16, 2007 I started having a real bad stiff neck and right shoulder pain. I couldn’t sit for long periods of time without experiencing intense pain. It was even difficult for me to stand. I also experienced some depression.

The pains were bad and I couldn’t sleep in peace. It was difficult for me to do things such as move around, take a shower, or get dressed. I was irritable and now the pain was shooting up my neck to head. It felt like a traveling headache.

Since I do not know of any good doctors and do not have health insurance, I put my situation before the Lord in prayer and asked Him to guide me to a good doctor or clinic where I could be helped. The following Saturday on my way to church I turned on the radio and to my amazement I heard a doctor talking about something similar to my condition, my symptoms, my pain and about a treatment that could help this situation. Every Saturday I would listen to the program and finally made an appointment. I can say I learned about Barone Spinal Care through divine guidance.

At the office I found that it was very friendly, tentative, professional, and very welcoming. They made me feel like family. All examinations and x-rays were done in a very professional and accurate manner.

The first adjustment brought results almost immediately but I did not notice until I left the office. Dr. Barone had asked me if I felt different; I had been in pain for so long that I didn’t realize there was a change till I was half-way home. I was happy that my pain was over and wanted to sing! But it wasn’t completely over yet. In the time between my first adjustment and the following appointment, I became out of alignment and the pain in my neck came back. I needed a few more adjustments and as time went by, I noticed my neck pain was less and less intense.

By June 2008 all of my pain in my neck and shoulder was gone. My tailbone pain was not completely gone but is much better! My depression has improved, and when it comes back it’s not around for long.

It took only three months for the healing to take place and I’m so grateful for it! I praise the Lord for Dr. Barone and his staff and ask that they be blessed abundantly in their mission of helping people with their physical suffering.

Sincerely, – Luz Q.

October 7, 2010

Dear Dr. Barone,

I’ve been suffering from shoulder joint, upper, mid, and lower back pains for almost 20 years. I believe shoulder joint ache is due to overuse by being an advocate volleyball player in my youth. My backache got worse with 2 pregnancies. In addition to these pains, I’ve developed intolerance to lactose, more gas resulting from different food intake, and lack of blood circulation – which resulted in reaching for outerwear even in the summer time. I’ve tried exercising, stretching, and massaging but the pain didn’t improve.

I thought about seeing a chiropractor for some time. One day, my husband and I were enjoying the Schaumburg festival and came across your booth. Your team member, Drew, explained to us that your practice didn’t practice traditional chiropractic method and that you focused on the source and not the problem itself. With my husband’s encouragement, I’ve decided to check it out.

The first appointment consisted of tests and explanations. On my second visit, we reviewed the test results and I got my first atlas bone adjustment. From patient’s perspective, it was very simple. All I had to do was lay on my side and the doctor gently moved the atlas bone. There was no pain involved. After this first adjustment, I noticed a huge difference in my posture. I felt like I was distributing my weight more to the left side and that I were standing straighter. That was because I’ve been putting more weight to my right leg for years. Growing up, I always thought that my right leg was longer than my left. Boy was I wrong.

After a year of continued treatment and daily exercise, my shoulder joint and back pains have been tremendously reduced. Not only that, but I was surprise to see that my tolerance to lactose has improved and I’m not as gassy anymore. In addition, I didn’t have to reach for my outerwear this summer. What a huge improvement! Thanks for your service and helping me to feel better. I’d highly recommend your practice to anyone who wants better health.

Sincerely, – Diana T.

Dear Dr. Barone:

I had been experiencing neck and shoulder pain and some pins and needles in my feet. Over the past three years I had visited about three other chiropractic offices and the therapies I received had relieved the pain but did not correct the root cause of the pain. Then, I had heard about Barone Spinal Care of 560 WIND radio in Chicago. I decided to go to their office for some tests. The staff of doctors and employees was thoughtful, considerate, and professional. I learned about my spinal subluxation through the muscle test and x-rays. The spinal adjustments were painless and the former neck and shoulder pain and stiffness had been eliminated. The adjustments also helped to greatly reduce the feeling of pins and needles in the feet.

Thank you.


Lisanne L.

December 28, 2012

Dear Dr.Barone,

I was suffering from neck & shoulder pain for a while and with my age thought it could only be better with pain medication. I got a memory foam pillow and any other kind I could get but it did not go away. Years ago my husband went to your office for his back. In the last months he experienced numb fingers at night. We both started to see Dr. Barone in June. I am so glad I did! After a consultation session and x-rays, I started treatments. Your thoroughness and high standards are appreciated. After the 2nd adjustment, I felt better. Now, I get up in the morning with no pain and feel like a new person. I have no more finger stiffness or swelling, also less allergies.

Thank you Dr. Barone!

Ria D.

March 11, 2013

My name is John and I am 44 years old. I’ve been coming to Dr. Barone for 9 months now. I had been seeing a naprapath for years due to chronic neck pains and hip pains. I would receive treatments for my neck which could hold for only a matter of hours at times. I had x-rays of my hips and was told I had one leg shorter than the other and needed orthotics.

After seeing Dr. Barone for the first time, I was amazed that a single treatment, that I couldn’t even feel the manipulation, corrected my cadence and my legs were magically the same length. I also noticed that the binding in my neck was instantly gone.

Although I don’t feel perfect, I know that my structure is the best it can be and the aches and pains I may still experience fall on “my shoulders” to take responsibility for eating healthy and exercising.

Thank you, Dr. Barone, for stabilizing my structure!

John F.

Dear Dr. Barone:

I am a 26 year old business development professional for a local non-profit organization in Schaumburg. I am physically active, love to be outside, and try to do strength training with cardio 3-4 times a week. Over the last few years, I have suffered from irritating neck pain, shoulder stiffness, and upper back aches. For the last 6 months or so, the pain was getting so bad that it was causing intense headaches on a daily basis, lack of sleep due to restlessness, and severe anxiety when I realized how poor my posture was getting. All of these symptoms were causing me to lose focus at work and fall behind on daily tasks. I sit at a desk on a computer for at least half of the day and would find myself constantly grabbing at my neck, shrugging my shoulders, and experiencing horrible mood swings and lack of overall motivation.

In the past, I have tried different forms of chiropractic care and have visited 3-4 clinics seeking relief. I’ve tried traditional chiropractic care, physical therapy, repetitive exercises, etc. but to no avail. At that point, I was starting to lose faith in the philosophy of chiropractic care altogether.

About a year ago, Dr. Barone spoke at an educational workshop hosted by our organization and I was intrigued by the NUCCA technique, however, I was still very discouraged by my past experiences and never followed up with him for care. My boss started seeing him that same week and has had tremendous results. After seeing her improve over the course of a year or so, I decided to give Barone Spinal Care a try. This decision was, hands down, the best I could have made. I can’t believe it took me so long to take the plunge!

My first couple of visits to the office were very informative. The staff and Dr. Barone took the time to thoroughly explain the NUCCA technique and how it is meant to improve my overall well-being. They took x-rays and sat down with me to go over them so I was able to understand the condition my spine was in. Afterwards, I received my first adjustment, which was completely painless and provided (for me) almost instant relief.

Over the next few weeks with adjustments, my headaches had completely subsided and I was able to get the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. My neck pain was diminishing, my shoulders gained more flexibility, and my upper back aches were going away. My posture is slowly getting better, which has lessened my anxiety that I’ve struggled with for a long time.

I’ve been coming to Barone Spinal Care for a few months now, and every time I walk into the office I am greeted on a first name basis and never have to wait more than 5-10 minutes to be seen. All of the staff is very professional, outgoing, knowledgeable, and have a sincere, heartfelt desire to make you feel better. I have never felt more comfortable and at ease with ANY doctor than I have with Dr. Barone, which is why I will be a patient of his for a long time to come.

Jessica R
Gurnee, IL

March 05, 2016

I’m not typically one to leave a testimonial but I will give credit when credit is due.

I learned about Barone Spinal Care at my gym. They had a booth and usually I try to avoid such things but decided to listen to what was being offered. The truth is that I was having sporadic back issues and odd muscle spasms so I wasn’t surprised when she told me things appeared to be out of alignment and that I should consider coming into the office for a full examination. I had had other care in the past that helped temporarily so I thought I knew what to expect and was a bit apprehensive about going. After learning a bit more I agreed to go in for care and I’m glad I did.

The customer service at Barone is top notch. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. It’s a completely different approach to spinal correction. I was apprehensive but decided that my spine is important and proper care wasn’t negotiable. I signed up for care and after 2 sessions I could completely tell the difference in my range of motion. I do a lot of dance and it requires flexibility and agility. I have always been able to do the moves but it wasn’t always without discomfort. Since I’ve started treatment I have noticed that there’s little to no discomfort and my workouts are a lot better. Initially, I thought I may just be going to through a good period with my spine, however, the result has been consistent. I recently had my spine reexamined and there were drastic improvements to my spine compared to where I started.

I would definitely recommend Barone Spinal Care. You’ll be glad you did.


Dear Dr. Barone and Dr. Landholm, May 2016

My name is Elisa and I am 23 years old. I have always some mild neck tension but within the past year and a half the pain has worsened and started to affect my whole back. At first, I thought the pain and discomfort was “normal” since I am a Nurse and lift and turn heavy patients frequently. I bought a back brace a while back, started working on my back muscles more at the gym, and started treating myself to back massages. All of those options worked slightly with my pain but it was still very uncomfortable. I still always felt like my back was tense and painful which always put a damper on my mood. I was at XSPORT fitness working out when I ran into Dr. Landholm, she had offered to do a free back scan for me. I knew the results were not going to be very good but after reviewing the scan with Dr. Landholm (all red and barely any green), I was in shock. She convinced me to follow-up at the office and I did. I never heard of NUCCA before and I was skeptical to start care since nothing up to this point had seemed to work yet. Once I started care, I had already felt a lot of the tension start to ease up. I have been going to Barone Spinal Care since January and my pain and tension continues to get a lot better. I used to wake up in the middle of the night a few times a week with horrible cramping in my calves and now that rarely happens. All of my friends also keep asking me if I grew because I look taller. All of the staff in the office are all very welcoming and friendly. I always plan my adjustments for before work because I feel so much better after an adjustment and love going into the relaxation room afterwards. The quiet music, comfortable chairs, and artwork help me relax and clear my mind. I have enjoyed the care that Barone Spinal Care offers so much that I convinced my mother, who has been complaining of similar symptoms that I had, to come in and check it out. She has just started care but has only said great things about her time there. I am so happy that I ran into Dr. Landholm that day at XSPORT and started treatment at Barone Spinal Care.

– Elisa Wildman

June 23, 2016

I believe that things happen for a reason. I went to Golfsmith looking for a new driver and met one of the doctors who works for Barone Spinal Care & Performance. He was very friendly and offered me an evaluation of my spinal cord. At the beginning I was a little reluctant because I was under a different treatment with another chiropractor but I never reached the results I was expecting so I decided to let him do the analysis. The analysis reflected a serious problem that (although found by the former chiropractor) was not fixed after visiting the previous chiropractor for almost five months. After he explained me the results, I decided to make an appointment to see him at his office. The x rays showed that one of my legs was shorter than the other due to an unbalanced hip. I knew, I was experiencing a pain on my left hip for more than 20 years but I have been under the impression that there was no real solution for my problem. After the results of the x rays, I visited the office of Barone Spinal Care & Performance and was impressed with the result of my first treatment. My hip was in balance and the length of both legs were the same. Since then, they have been monitoring my improvements and I feel happy with the result. I feel happy by having no pain on my hip anymore and my self-esteem has improved. I truly recommend the office of Dr. Barone.

– Frankie Torres

I had severe neck pain and limited range of motion for nearly a year when I started my treatments at Barone Spinal Care. Prior to this, I’d been to an orthopedic doctor, who prescribed physical therapy and pain meds. I had acupuncture, I went to a naprapath for massage and adjustments. None of these treatments did anything to help my pain or stiffness. A friend recommended Dr. Barone and NUCCA and swore by it. I’ve been getting adjustments for about one month now. I have much less pain and better range of motion.  The adjustments are painless and there is no yanking or cracking, unlike traditional chiropractic.  I was skeptical that it would work, but I’m now a believer.

– Rose G.

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