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Our Mission is to transform the quality of lives of the people in our community through the delivery of precise Upper Cervical Chiropractic care and supportive services. Our practice is in the Top 1% of all chiropractic providers in the world.

Philosophy: At Barone Spinal Care, we believe in the 4 Keys to Health and want to help every patient grow to their optimal potential by implementing these 4 Keys into their daily life. The Keys are: 1) Spinal Alignment; 2) Exercise; 3) Nutrition; and 4) Spiritual, Relational, and Emotional Well-Being. (Relationship with God / Family / Friends)

What we are: Barone Spinal Care was founded in 2003 by Dr. Jeremy R. Barone as the place for people in our community to receive one of the most gentle & precise forms of chiropractic care in the world, Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Dr. Barone knew that this form of chiropractic care, which does not involve any of the popping, twisting, or cracking common in typical chiropractic offices, offered significant benefits. Upper Cervical Chiropractic care would benefit not only back-pain sufferers, but for those dealing with many other health & wellness challenges.

The clinic became Barone Spinal Care and Performance in 2009 with the creation of “Barone Performance” our performance training facility. We’re a highly successful, subluxation-based, Upper Cervical Chiropractic / Wellness practice.

What type of patient we work with: We work with elite athletes, the rich, the poor, the healthy, the diseased, the dying, the hopeful, and the hopeless. We find out where people have been, where they are, and where they want to go and then work on inspiring them to live a life to their full potential. The Barone Spinal Care and Performance staff are energetic, passionate, brutally honest, loyal and mission/service driven – WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!!!!!

What is a Practice Member?: Typically when you visit a doctors’ office, you’re a patient of the doctor, having tests, procedures, or treatments done to you. When you come to Barone Spinal Care & Performance, we want you to take a more hands-on role in the care of your health & wellness by being an active participant in your treatment plan. We will do this with you. You will receive treatments, as needed, under the expert care of our Chiropractic Doctors, and you will also be guided & educated on many other things that will help you to have even better results from your treatment plan. As a Practice Member, we expect you to take ownership of your wellness care, and implement things outside of your time with the Doctors with the end-goal being ultimate performance, wellness, and you at your highest potential.

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