Dear Barone Spinal Care,

I came to Barone Clinic at age 58, suffering from fibromyalgia. I attribute it to taking antacid medication for over 2 years and my system was not absorbing nutrients the way it should. It happened about 2 years ago where my muscles and joints began aching and progressively worsened to the point where I could no longer exercise or lead the normal active life I always had. I had such severe fatigue that with just doing my daily routine of getting ready for work in the morning, I would have to lay down before leaving for work. I became very depressed over the situation. I went to a medical doctor for tests to rule out any serious diseases and was left with no hope of relieving my symptoms.

I started to investigate this condition and started to take vitamins and mineral supplements when I met one of Dr. Barone’s assosciates. I told him that I did not believe in chiropractic care but he convinced me to just come in to the office and see what they had to offer. I went and was treated professionally with kindness, care, concern, and painless adjustments. Someone finally believed I had a problem and gave me hope of recovering in full. The exams were very thorough and the doctors explained everything they did in detail. After the first treatment, I noticed the pain in my back started to go away and each week I started feeling more symptom free. It is still hard for me to believe that this painless treatment could improve my health, but I can’t deny that in 2 months versus 2 years of this condition, I am finally beginning to have hope of living a normal and active lifestyle again.

Sincerely, – Gayle R.

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