Bad Posture

Dear Barone Spinal Care,

I’m writing about my progress with the treatments through the Barone Spinal Care. I had various pains, soreness, and ailments which I didn’t attribute to the spine or nervous system. My posture was bad and I stood a bit on an angle, which was attributed to having one leg shorter than the other. My neck hurt due to stiffness when turning back in my car to check traffic. I had various pains in the shoulders, neck, hips, and lower back, and also experienced dizziness and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Having gone through 3 plus months of treatment, I have noticed improvement with all the above mentioned symptoms. Part of the treatment process was changing some of my bad habits, which involved sleeping on my stomach, and taking care not to put additional stresses on my neck. My posture is better with less pain, and I generally feel better than before. My neck and shoulder pains are mostly gone. I am hopeful that going through with the entire program will help me feel better.

One interesting occurrence was when Dr. Barone was providing results of the initial exam, he told me that I had some trauma to my neck 50 years ago. This surprised me because being 52 years old; I didn’t know what that could have been. So I told my mom what Dr. Barone said. She said when I was 1 or 2 years old, I had fallen out of my bed onto the floor. That was quite an educated statement which still surprises me.

Sincerely, – Ted S.

My family and friends have been after me to stand up straight.  I told them that I am doing the best that I can.  I met Dr. Landholm at the Palatine Street Fest.  She did a scan on my neck.  My results were red and pink, not green.  I made an appointment for a full evaluation.  According to Dr. Barone, my results were shocking.  I signed up right on the spot to continue treatments to help improve my posture.  The results have been amazing.  My family and friends have commented on how much straighter I am standing!  Thanks to Dr. J I am an inch taller! The doctors and the staff are very friendly with a very positive outlook.  A great place to be a patient!

-Kevin W.

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