Jaw Pain - TMJ

Dear Dr. Barone,

I am so happy that I met you & started my treatment the following week at your clinic. I was impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the clinic. WOW! It swept me off my feet. I still had to have some results though, so I began the treatments with some reservations. My reservations were because I haven’t found help for years from some of my ailments. I am 59 years old and for at least 36 years I have had itching and ringing in my left ear. I have visited doctors of all different types, but every one of them said everything in my ear was fine. After a few weeks of treatment at Barone Spinal Care, I was asked about the ringing in my ear, I was startled. How could I forget that constant irritating ringing in my ear? But I had forgotten that annoyance. It was gone! My ear continually itched and I sometimes had vertigo. I’ve had treatments now for two months at your clinic and the ringing and vertigo are completely gone. The itching is very minor.

I’ve also had mild to severe heart palpitations for a couple of years, but since starting treatment, I’ve had no palpitations. I always had the palpitations a few times a week but now for two months I’ve had no palpitations at all!

My worst problem was walking and getting up from a chair. Both were extremely painful for me. My feet hurt so badly as did my hip joints. Now I have rejoined my friends walking in the park. I can now take my granddaughter to the park. I can get up from chairs without wincing or crying out in pain. I definitely have more energy!Thank you so much for your clinic.

Della H.

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