Chronic Pain

September 22, 2005

Dear Dr. Barone:

You have changed my life! I became debilitated from chronic pain that I was having in my neck, shoulders and arms for almost 2 years. I tried so many different procedures to eliminate this horrible pain that I had every day. Nothing worked for me.

I was going to have three vertebrae in my neck fused together this September, 2005. I was told about Dr. Barone by a friend who had gotten wonderful results with her back issues. My husband and I made an appointment knowing I had nothing to lose. We saw Dr. Barone mid July, and ever since I have gotten my life back at 58 years old!

I no longer have chronic pain anywhere and I have my energy back. I have never felt better!! I was also surprised to realize that the hand braces I was wearing all the time for degenerative joint disease in my thumbs, started to be less painful, so I took off the braces about two weeks ago. I haven’t needed to put them on since.

I am so happy not to be taking pain killers and sleep aids any longer. Dr. Barone has changed my life physically with the Upper Cervical procedure, and I hold him responsible for the smile I have on my face everyday!

I am so blessed and grateful that I made the best decision for my life, and that is to see Dr. Barone.

Yours, – Carol B.

September 22, 2005

Dear Dr. Barone:

Twenty plus years of chronic pain flowed through my body daily. Years and years of masking the problem with massage therapy, naprapaths, even chiropractors. Shots for pain, pills for pain, until finally, as the pain almost won, I was told about Dr. Barone.

After I saw him perform his treatment on my wife I was very skeptical. Witch Doctor? Fraud? Faith Healer? Well I can say in all honesty that before I let him perform his treatment on me I asked God to work a miracle through his hands and as of today I can say he is the REAL DEAL! A miracle was performed through his hands – he is so full of knowledge to care for our aches & pains! My pain have been reduced 95%. I will continue his treatment until I am 100% and that day will be very soon!!

Yours, – Paul B.

January 6, 2006

Dear Dr. Barone:

I am twenty four years old and have been dancing for twenty years. For about eight to ten years I have suffered from chronic knee and back pain. Being a dancer, you learn to live with certain body aches and pains, but by the time I was eighteen it got to be too much for me. I quit dancing in the hope of just taking a year off and well…it’s now going on six years since I stopped.

Over the past six years I’ve gone to chiropractors whose adjustments only helped me temporarily. I’ve tried doing yoga to help strengthen my core muscles and I’ve also tried just popping Advils, but nothing seemed to make the pain stay away. In addition to my knee and back pain, a list of ailments began to build in the past few years. I was always sick, my neck was always tight and achy, my head was always foggy with a lot of pressure over my eyes, I felt like I was in a daze twenty four hours a day, and I was chronically fatigued.

Then I came to Barone Spinal Care, and after sitting up from my first adjustment I could feel the pressure release in my head and neck, I felt like I could see clearer and I could breathe deeply again. I didn’t realize how shallow I had been breathing because of the pain in my back until the pain was lifted. My results were absolutely amazing, never has anything ever helped to relieve my pain so immediately and effectively.

I can’t thank the Doctors at Barone Spinal Care enough for helping me to live a fuller life. Since I started seeing Dr. Barone I have had less back pain, less neck pain, less sinus pressure, less hip pain, less knee pain and more energy. I can breathe deeper and feel healthier, I walk straighter (literally!), I think clearer, and my mood is sunnier. I believe that my progress will continue moving upwards and soon I will be able to dance my way through a pain free life. Thank you!

Gratefully, – Jessica M.

June 28, 2007

When I walked into the Barone Spinal Care Center, it was with some skepticism as I have undergone chiropractic adjustments many times in the past, without success. I have been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, or so I was told, for more than 10 years. Also, I have had excruciating pain in my left knee for the past 40 years, since I was 18 years old. These health challenges adversely affected the quality of my life in many areas. I couldn’t walk or stand for extended periods of time. As a result of this forced inactivity I gained a great deal of weight and experienced difficult in performing the duties of my job. To put it mildly, I was miserable.

To my great amazement I experienced tremendous relief and an overwhelming sense of “lightness”, a completely relaxed feeling after the very first adjustment. The results have been nothing short of miraculous! I am now virtually pain-free so I can walk normally, I am losing weight, and overall my mood is very upbeat. In short, I feel fantastic.

I tell everyone I know about Upper Cervical Chiropractic. It provides fast, painless relief instantly, and is so gentle you are unaware of the transformation taking place in your spine and neck, it is truly life-changing because it allows you to do those things you previously were unable to do.

I can’t thank Dr. Barone enough for the gift of restored health he has given back to me.

– Gayl A. L.

I came to Barone Spinal Care a week after my husband became a patient in September. I suffered constantly with chronic hamstring tightness, lower back pain, tight IT bands, pain in neck and shoulders, cramps in the legs while sleeping, and poor balance walking up and down stairs. This pain was insidious, worsening for a period of 10 years or more. This was starting to seriously control my life in a most unpleasant way. As a 61 year old retired teacher, I realized the pain was not caused by career schedules, and it was beginning to have great impact on my present and future plans. After only 1 visit, the pain lessened dramatically and some completely disappeared. The change was subtle but definite. Energy levels changed immediately, all without any of the snap and crackle of regular chiropractic treatments. That is what is most amazing. With just a slight touch to the neck, pain decreases, energy increases. I feel lighter, clearer thinking, happier. The nutritional supplements have cut cravings for sugar and caffeine so much that I now have only one cup of coffee in the morning and often don’t finish it. I still enjoy chocolate but now a small serving is more than enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, not as something I constantly crave. I have lost 10 pounds since starting with Barone Spinal Care in September.

Entering the office, everyone is greeted with sincere, personal and welcoming professionalism. The office is well organized and there is very little wait time to see the doctors for an exam. Questions are answered well and treatments explained with visuals and your own actual X-rays. The atmosphere throughout the entire visit is one of concern and passion for complete wellness of each patient. Every visit is a pleasant experience. Such happiness is also good “medicine.”

As a retired teacher, I have too much life planned to be slowed by pain. I am so grateful to have met the folks of Barone Spinal Care. Not only have you helped me feel better now, you’ve opened up the future. Thank you.

– Lou

Dear Barone Spinal Care,

My son went to Barone Spinal Care in a lot of pain and left with a smile. After that he introduced me to Barone Spinal Care and it has really changed my outlook on life.

I’m 71 years old and pretty much had accepted all the aches and pains that come with age, (Even though I knew better!)

I’m so glad I didn’t have my lower back operated on. After the first treatment at your office, I have had no pain in my lower back what so ever. Speaking of the treatment, they are so gentle with no twisting or cracking of the bones.

I am now able to walk longer distances and not even realize it! I no longer have pressure headaches and vertigo. The rest of my aches are gradually going away.

On top of that, the staff are very friendly and professional. And with the quiet, gentle atmosphere you’ll leave feeling rested and in a good frame of mind.

Trust me… if you try it you’ll love it! – Charleen K.

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