Dear Dr. Barone,

As a Fibromyalgia patient for many years, I have been on various medications over the years. I have had acupuncture, biofeedback, physical therapy and massage therapy. Although some of the treatments made me more comfortable, they were very short-term “fixes.” During this time, even with drugs, sleep was very infrequent and very disturbed. Earlier this year I weaned myself off of all medication.

Dr. Barone was introduced to my life in what I believe was a miraculous way. Although I was skeptical, I felt I needed to find out what NUCCA was all about. The very first night of my first adjustment, I slept like I don’t ever remember sleeping. The next day I called in sick to work so that I could continue this most refreshing sleep. Since starting treatments, I have slept all night through without interruption AND woke up refreshed. My discomfort was diminished considerably and I felt like heavy weights were lifted from my body.

Although I’ve only been seeing Dr. Barone for a month or so, I recommended my husband reap the benefit of NUCCA. He is currently a patient and has also experienced a positive difference in his health.

Marcia D.

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