Multiple Sclerosis

April 12, 2016

Dr. Landholm,
It is my honor to know you and the work you are doing at Barone Spinal Care & Performance. It has truly been interesting and informative for me. I am 70 years old and have had MS for 30 years. I have seen many alternative doctors that have helped me with different problems concerning my decline with MS. You never know what you could wake up with that could attack your body: speech, balance, knee cap going backwards, immune system failing, ect. Walking with a cane, using a wheelchair, and other debilitating things are a normal way of life for me. People sometimes forget that the person inside is only asking for friendship and not pity in the form of a pat on the head.

I started care with Dr. Landholm after meeting her at a craft fair. I was very impressed with her knowledge and she was very easy to talk to. At that time I had a growing concern about losing control of my hands because one of my biggest joys is working on crafts. My concerns now are leg cramps, burning sensations in my arm, right foot inversion, fatigue, circulation, and posture. I am happy to write this testimonial because all of the concerns I have mentioned have improved in only a few months. I feel that there is hope for me. I wake up every morning excited about life knowing that one day I will get rid of my cane and take a walk around the block. My concerns about the decline of my body had been rising after three friends with MS passed away. God bless the hands that heal.

Thank you, doctors, for giving people like me hope for a brighter tomorrow.

– Georgene

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