Dear Dr. Barone,

I am writing to share my personal experience with Barone Spinal Care. I am 37 yrs. old and have suffered with headaches and neck pain for 7-10yrs.I decided to try Barone Spinal Care because I was not satisfied with the results I was getting with my chiropractor; I felt I was not receiving long-term benefits at this point in my life.

I have been very pleased with the care I receive as Dr. Barone’s patient. The treatments are painless and simple. I noticed results almost immediately and began feeling better every day. Having my spine correctly aligned has helped me with many other physical ailments too. I have considerably less chest tightness, knee pain, and irritability now!

I look forward to the days ahead as I walk the road to recovery. I am so glad I tried Barone Spinal Care.

Sincerely, – Eileen K.

Dear Dr. Barone,

For so many years I looked for help in the wrong places. My health was not good, and I had pain all over my body. My symptoms were:

Neck Tension
Finger Numbness
Lower Back Pain
Hip Pain

I had heard about Barone Spinal Care and came to the office for my first visit in December. I have been under care for one month now and I can truly say that all of the above symptoms are less of a struggle now. I am already a person that can say it is good to be helped by the right place that can make such a difference in my life in such a short time. Imagine how I will be after a longer period of time!

Yours, – Cornelia M.

Dear Barone Spinal Care Team,

I had been suffering from a series of aches starting with daily headaches, migraines, neck, scalp, low back and elbow pain, in addition to jaw tension, arms foot and toe numbness. The level of pain started to severely interfere with my daily activities and relationships at work, as well as at home with my family.

Around eight months ago the headaches were unbearable; due to that, I decided it was time for me to look for help. I had considered myself a healthy person, definitely not healthy anymore.

I met you, one Saturday morning after my exercise routine. This was when I started therapy with your office. In two months all the pain and numbness were gone. This is a miracle for me!

I want to thank the doctors and the staff at Barone Spinal Care for doing a great job and positively changing my life.

Gratefully, – Carmen A.

Dear Barone Spinal Care,

I would like to mention that since coming to Barone Spinal Care, I have seen significant improvements in quite a few areas. Before I began care I experienced headaches, allergies, dizziness, neck pain, trapezius pain, left hand numbness, heart burn, asthma symptoms, diarrhea, low back pain, bilateral foot pins and needles, fatigue, and right ankle swelling. I have experienced a 65% to 70% reduction in all symptom areas cited, and will probably experience more relief as the process of healing continues. This is certainly worth the investment of time and money. I am now able to walk without excruciating lower back pain, which was the main reason for seeking treatment.

Sincerely, – C. Susan S.

November 10, 2005

Dear Barone Spinal Care;

When I came to Barone Spinal Care, I had headaches almost everyday and painful spasms in my neck and back muscles. Over the course of a few months of treatment, I have noticed a drastic improvement in the way I feel physically and emotionally. My headaches are less and the spasms in my neck and back are completely gone. One of the most amazing improvements was my ability to relax and sleep at night. Before coming to Barone Spinal Care I had terrible insomnia and could not sleep because of my racing thoughts. The day of my very first adjustment I was able to sleep without waking up. Every day since then I have gotten “quality sleep”. I don’t feel anymore tension in my back and I have so much energy. I have lost 15 pounds and I feel a lot more optimistic about my total health.

Yours sincerely, – Karen C.

Feb. 16, 2006

Dear Barone Spinal Care Team,

I came to you two months ago with a host of problems that I had been struggling with for the past 5 years, i.e. headaches, backaches, digestion problems, anxiety, insomnia and the worst of all was the sense of hopelessness that results from longstanding pain and discomfort. I was exhausted.

I had sought and tried everything from traditional to alternative medicine. All helped to some degree but I couldn’t understand that with all I was doing and with all of the money I was spending that I just couldn’t seem to reclaim my former self.

It seemed to be just “normal” to have a neck ache, to feel the effects of stress on my body & to live uncomfortably. That is, until I came for my first appointment at your office.

I am now virtually headache and backache free. My digestion is near normal. I am clearly benefiting from the good foods whose natural healing properties were partially lost to me. I have just recently begun to experience some periods of a deeper more restful sleep. I am more flexible. The crowning improvement is the return of hope and more than just glimpses of my former dynamic self.

I marvel at the simple effectiveness of this type of treatment and am mystified why it is not more well known when it has such a powerful healing impact. I am grateful that I made that call two months ago. I have been given an opportunity to live my life anew with prospects of a brighter and happier future. I cannot wait to see what healing unfolds in the months to come.

God bless, – Bess B.

Dear Dr. Barone,

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful care I have gotten at Barone Spinal Care since becoming a patient earlier this year.

As you know, apart from some occasional headaches, I did not come with a long list of health problems. In my case, I mostly wanted to enjoy the benefits of performing at my maximum with my Atlas in alignment.

Since beginning treatment, there has been a noticeable decrease in my headaches, but most striking is the fact that neck pain I have experienced for the last 20 years when turning my head far to the left and right, has now completely disappeared! I had experienced this neck pain for so long I thought it was normal! It was not until having my Atlas aligned under your care that I realized it was not normal, but was the result of being misaligned.

Since coming to Barone Spinal Care, I can say I feel as good as I have in years and look forward to seeing continued improvement as my body heals from years of being out of alignment.

I have taken the opportunity to tell others about Barone Spinal Care and will continue to do it in hopes of pointing other people in your direction. Thanks to you and your great staff!

Warmly, – David B.

Dear Dr. Barone,

I am 47 years old who has been suffering from severe neck pain, upper left shoulder blade pain, and headaches for over 5 years. The pain made me irritable and painful to exercise to my full capacity. I had seen a traditional chiropractor in the past and had massage therapy but the pain always returned and tightness of muscles continued.

I had heard about Barone Spinal Care thru clients at the gym who also went to Barone Spinal Care. I finally came into the office to find out what methods they used and what they could do for me. I started care that day. My overall experience has been Excellent. The doctors and staff have always been extremely friendly, professional and through and the wait time is never long. My corrections were never painful and I usually had immediate relief. I have been a patient of Dr. Barone’s for over one year now and have noticed pain relief and a better quality of life. My exercise sessions are no longer painful and I am less irritable because I am PAIN FREE!! I recommend Dr. Barone and his staff to anyone.

– Lisa S.

December 21, 2012

I am a 47 year old woman. I have been a migraine sufferer since I was a young child. My earliest recollection was sleeping sitting up during a migraine and vomiting. They can debilitate me for days at a time. As I have gotten older, they have not subsided. I manage them with meds now. In 2007, I herniated a disk in my lower back. Since then, the pain has increased with use of my back. It is more of a dull achiness than an acute pain. This year I have noticed some new symptoms of neck pain and achiness with a visual disturbance.

My mom begged me for years to see Dr. Barone for my back. Her persistence to see him increased as my health began to decline this summer. Finally, to end my mother’s nagging, I saw Dr. Barone. He did a thorough history and exam and concluded that I would be a good candidate for treatment.

Upon my second visit, I had my first adjustment. I noticed that I did not have any pain with the adjustment, but I did have lightness in my head and a difference in my neck pain. With each treatment, I feel as if I am getting closer to being more pain free. The biggest difference I have noticed is that when I don’t sleep correctly, I experience neck pain and a headache when I wake. My visual disturbance has also improved 100%.

Following Dr’s advice has been crucial to the path to wellness and being patient with the process of healing. It’s a journey, not an instant destination.

Chris B.

January 21, 2013

My name is Allie Gallagher, I am a 24 year old day care teacher in the two year old classroom. I love my job, there is nothing that brings me such joy as going to work and making a difference in the lives of children. About 3 years ago, after getting into a car accident, I started having severe back pain. It was so bad I had to drop out of my college semester. I was given physical therapy for a few months and it temporarily helped but not enough. As the years went on, my back pain increased severely so much so it interfered with my job. I couldn’t lift the children, I couldn’t sit on the ground and interact with them. My pain got to the point my husband was helping me do pretty much everything, all I did was lie in bed. I went to a Doctor to find out the problem. I went through a horrible ordeal at that Doctor’s office. When I went to them I explained that I had been having severe back pain to the point I couldn’t get out of bed. The doctor wanted to run an MRI but he seemed doubtful there was anything wrong with my back. I got the MRI and found out at the age of 23 I had severe arthritis in my back. The doctor never came and spoke to me about it, a nurse came in and said we are giving you 7.5 – 750 Vicodin. I asked what the MRI showed and that’s when she told me I had arthritis. She told me my treatment options for the pain were getting epidural injection or surgery, and that I am most likely going to be going on temporary disability. I was in so much pain I was taking two Vicodins or more a day just to survive the pain, I am afraid of needles and the idea of a needle in my spine scared me half to death, and surgery no way. There had to be another way to help me. Then my neighbor told me about Dr. Barone. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, everything I had heard about Chiropractors was that it was a temporary pain relief, a crack here, a crack there then an hour later still hurting. She told me to give it a shot, what could I lose? I was already on the verge of having to leave my job. So I went and the office was so friendly and they greeted me everyday by name, and I instantly noticed a change in my back. The tension on my tailbone was relieved almost instantly, and now a year later I am virtually pain free. I went from thinking I would be on painkillers everyday for the rest of my life to using them once every two weeks, if at all. To put it short and simple, Dr. Barone saved my life! I don’t know what I would have done if not for Dr. Barone. I am enjoying my job more now that I don’t have to fight through the pain. Thank you! Thank you!

Allie G.

August 01, 2013

Dear Dr. Barone,

I want to commend you and congratulate you on putting together a very successful organization that specializes in the art of healing. I believe it was Hippocrates who called it an art. But you have learned your craft well, and have been able to succeed very well, even as a purist, thereby becoming not only a model NUCCA doctor, but being a true artisan as a health practitioner in your practice, to thereby be able to teach others and to inspire them with your own success.

Having taught at the school that trained you, and to use that expertise on your fortunate patients as well as in the training of others, I want to personally thank you for helping my daughter and son-in-law to overcome problems that were prevalent in their lives, as well as helping their daughter Alicia. Well, as you probably know, my daughter, having delivered her second child, was chronically besieged with pain, causing motion sickness when she traveled in her car, and causing her to be unable to care properly for her two young daughters. She is in constant awe at the healing you have brought to her.

My own problem stemmed from accidents I suffered in 1955, one of which occurred when I was helping my father take a large bedspring out of the attic window. He suddenly let go of the rope and I fell to the ground with the bedspring on top of me. Two other injuries that year, one involved my swinging a bat that missed the ball but caused chronic pain, and a car accident left me with acute lordosis, scoliosis and kyphosis, which left me in pain in almost every position. I ended up going to Chiropractors, DO’s, back specialists, etc. in KC, Boston and Chicago, over the next 8 years, all to no avail. I did get some relief from a Naprapath, but it didn’t last. When I came to you I had been well over a year without being able to lay down, due to 4 major eye surgeries, which involved a balloon that was put in my eye to help hold things together. I could only recline slightly (30 degrees for ten weeks), but on March 13 of 2009, I had my fourth operation in which they had to go in, from the reverse, due to scar tissue and my lens had to be removed. Afterwards, I could only lean forward, but again no laying down or I would lose my sight and go blind. On May 29th, my daughter took me to my Retinal specialist for my appointment. I was told I could finally lie down as the balloon had dissipated sufficiently. On the way home, we stopped for a traffic light and were hit from behind by a young uninsured motorist. $2,000 damage to my daughter’s car, but she was 8.5 months pregnant, and my concern was more for her, but my whiplash was so severe I unable to lay down until November of that year.

It was then I heard once again your voice on a radio commercial, and I was determined to see you. By this time, I had about $1200 worth of x-rays, which I brought to our appointment. I believed that if you required more x-rays, you were a quack. However, the video I watched convinced me otherwise, and I knew you had to take more x-rays, and I knew why. Following the treatment, I faltered in my first step, as I was so different in terms of my posture and gait. Most important of all, I was out of pain. Now I can go 2-4 months without having my back go out, but I am really grateful for your being here. I am convinced that the healing that your practice brings will win you many converts, and I am also glad for your attitude of faith in following Christ. Thanks for the leadership that you bring to a world of pain.

A grateful patient,

Rev. Rick O.

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