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Barone Spinal Care & Performance

937 N Plum Grove Rd, Suite B

Schaumburg, IL 60173 USA


Consultation and Examination: $367 (including computerized testing) with Dr. Barone Personally

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I heard about Barone Spinal Care while listening to WYLL. I had trouble with sciatic nerve pain since January. I went to a traditional chiropractor and did get some relief but still had trouble walking and had slight pain.
    I came to Dr. Barone in May with the complaint of neck pain. I felt relief immediately after the first adjustment. I have been seeing Dr. Barone twice a week since May and since then my neck pain is gone, I’m walking better, I taking the stairs when I can, and instead of sitting around I’m able to move up and down.
    I’m thankful that I am getting much better since coming to Barone Spinal Care."
    Joan S.
  • "In early November I decided to try your methods for treatment; as I had tried everything else. To this date, I have had three adjustments, all painless, and although I have a long way to go I have noticed significant improvements in my health. The leg pain I was previously experiencing is far less painful than it was before. I have noticed other subtle improvements in body functionsthat plagued me for years. I am truly looking forward to the rest of my treatments and the fine care I receive from you and the Barone Spinal Care staff.
    It is a pleasure to come to the office, everyone is friendly, helpful, and welcoming. I am always greeted with a “good morning” and a smile. Thank you so much!"
    – Patricia G.
  • "I decided not to live with these ailments anymore. After the first adjustment I felt lighter and taller and “in place”. After three months of treatments I have had less shoulder pain, my memory is improving, I have less headaches, no hand pains, less upper arm pains, and my sciatic pain is very infrequent.

    I’m very pleased with the care that I’m receiving and I am very confident that with continued treatment my health will be restored.
    Thank you Dr. Barone and staff. Sincerely,"
    – Barbara H.
  • "Dr. Barone,

    I have been doing treatments for about 2 months with your staff. I have noticed a remarkable improvement with the ringing of my ears, intermittent leg cramps, constipation, high blood pressure and energy. I seem to even think better.There is definitely a difference of better health by being in alignment with the Barone Spinal Care treatments."
    – Anthony Joseph L.
  • "I started care with Dr. Landholm after meeting her at a craft fair. I was very impressed with her knowledge and she was very easy to talk to. At that time I had a growing concern about losing control of my hands because one of my biggest joys is working on crafts. My concerns now are leg cramps, burning sensations in my arm, right foot inversion, fatigue, circulation, and posture. I am happy to write this testimonial because all of the concerns I have mentioned have improved in only a few months. I feel that there is hope for me. I wake up every morning excited about life knowing that one day I will get rid of my cane and take a walk around the block. My concerns about the decline of my body had been rising after three friends with MS passed away. God bless the hands that heal.
    Thank you, doctors, for giving people like me hope for a brighter tomorrow."
    – Georgene
  • "I am 65 years old and was experiencing pain in my right hip and I was unable to walk very well. I had reoccurring pains for about 4 years. I heard about Dr. Barone on the radio and decided to come in and see him. Dr. Barone aligned my upper cervical spine and the hip pain went away after the first adjustment. My problems with constipation have also greatly improved. I have noticed that after my first adjustment I seem to have more energy to walk and do my daily activities."
    Sincerely, – Douglas M.
  • "I was suffering with slight joint pain for 5 years. I tried treatments such as wearing orthotic inserts but they didn’t work. Then, my sister, who is a Physical Therapist, informed me about Barone Spinal Care. My experience with Barone Spinal Care has been exceptional. I was welcomed from the beginning and the staff was extremely friendly. The exams were fairly thorough, and I could not feel the correction at all. My joint pain suffering has improved slightly, which I will continue to monitor over the winter months. I would like to thank Dr. Barone and his staff for all they have done."
    Sincerely, – Thomas I.
  • "I suffered about 40 years with lower back pain, which is GONE GONE GONE. Had a bad sciatic nerve problem about as long and THAT is GONE also. I had cramps in both legs almost all the time, mostly at night, but they are GONE.

    For about two years I suffered from fatigue, that is also GONE. I lost my ability to smell or taste about ten years ago and now my smell and taste are starting to come back.I thank God for giving you the expertise and ability to make it possible for me to regain my health."
    Thank You, – Ron D.
  • "I am now able to walk longer distances and not even realize it! I no longer have pressure headaches and vertigo. The rest of my aches are gradually going away.
    On top of that, the staff are very friendly and professional. And with the quiet, gentle atmosphere you’ll leave feeling rested and in a good frame of mind.
    Trust me… if you try it you’ll love it!"
    – Charleen K.
  • "I have been suffering from severe low back pain for the last 5years. I used to play football and the rough play did its toll on my body. I had a devastating knee injury causing one leg to be stronger than the other. This contributed to my body being off balance and back pain. I was unable to stand for long periods of time and to bend down and tie my shoe seemed impossible at age 24. I had never sought treatment for this pain until my dad and brother came to your office. As my brother’s pain began to go away I knew that I needed to come in for a consult.

    From the first correction I felt even and straighter. Over the next 6 weeks I have hadless low back pain, less headaches, less neck pain, I am walking straighter and my TMJ pain is gone. Thank you Barone Spinal care for being accurate with my care but also welcoming me into the office and making me feel comfortable."
    Frank B.
  • "I’ve also had mild to severe heart palpitations for a couple of years, but since starting treatment, I’ve had no palpitations. I always had the palpitations a few times a week but now for two months I’ve had no palpitations at all!

    My worst problem was walking and getting up from a chair. Both were extremely painful for me. My feet hurt so badly as did my hip joints. Now I have rejoined my friends walking in the park. I can now take my granddaughter to the park. I can get up from chairs without wincing or crying out in pain. I definitely have more energy! Thank you so much for your clinic."
    Della H.
  • "Dr. Barone was introduced to my life in what I believe was a miraculous way. Although I was skeptical, I felt I needed to find out what NUCCA was all about. The very first night of my first adjustment, I slept like I don’t ever remember sleeping. The next day I called in sick to work so that I could continue this most refreshing sleep. Since starting treatments, I have slept all night through without interruption AND woke up refreshed. My discomfort was diminished considerably and I felt like heavy weights were lifted from my body.

    Although I’ve only been seeing Dr. Barone for a month or so, I recommended my husband reap the benefit of NUCCA. He is currently a patient and has also experienced a positive difference in his health."
    Marcia D.
  • "I admit that I was very skeptical when I first came in and even after my first adjustment. It was like nothing else I have ever experienced. I immediately felt “lighter” in my hips. I have been holding my adjustments for a few weeks now and know that I am slowly getting healthier with each passing day. I am very thankful to you and your staff. I know with the continued treatment I will feel better and eventually be pain-free. Thank you to you and your staff for everything that you have done for me."
    – Marnie M.
  • "I would like to relate what my experience is since starting my Upper Cervical Chiropractic care. I am a long time, strenuous hiker, often over rough terrain and ice. I went to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back out in January.

    I had been experiencing soreness in my left hip after a four or five hour hike. After beginning care, this soreness has pretty much faded in just this first month of treatment! I have also noticed some subtle changes in other areas. I sleep more soundly and for longer periods of time. The muscles in my back do not tire and get sore the way they use to. I think my balance seems more secure and it gives me feeling of “well being.”"
    – John M.
  • "Since coming to Barone Spinal Care, I can say I feel as good as I have in years and look forward to seeing continued improvement as my body heals from years of being out of alignment.

    I have taken the opportunity to tell others about Barone Spinal Care and will continue to do it in hopes of pointing other people in your direction. Thanks to you and your great staff!"
    – David B.
  • "I have been very pleased with the care I receive as Dr. Barone’s patient. The treatments are painless and simple. I noticed results almost immediately and began feeling better every day. Having my spine correctly aligned has helped me with many other physical ailments too. I have considerably less chest tightness, knee pain, and irritability now!
    I look forward to the days ahead as I walk the road to recovery. I am so glad I tried Barone Spinal Care."
    – Eileen K.
  • "I started to investigate this condition and started to take vitamins and mineral supplements when I met one of Dr. Barone’s assosciates. I told him that I did not believe in chiropractic care but he convinced me to just come in to the office and see what they had to offer. I went and was treated professionally with kindness, care, concern, and painless adjustments. Someone finally believed I had a problem and gave me hope of recovering in full. The exams were very thorough and the doctors explained everything they did in detail. After the first treatment, I noticed the pain in my back started to go away and each week I started feeling more symptom free. It is still hard for me to believe that this painless treatment could improve my health, but I can’t deny that in 2 months versus 2 years of this condition, I am finally beginning to have hope of living a normal and active lifestyle again."
    – Gayle R.
  • "I had been suffering from terrible lower back pain, numbness in my right hand, pain in my right leg and knee for about 9 months. I was also on high blood pressure medication. After my treatments, my pain is gone in my back and leg and I am no longer on medication for my blood pressure.

    I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I met Dr. Landholm and decided to make that initial appointment. I have recommended you to friends that I know could benefit from your services.

    Also, everyone on your staff has been a pleasure to work with. From being greeted by name to asking how my day was going has made this a pleasurable experience."
    – Pat Z.
  • "After hearing Dr. Barone’s radio program, I felt just perhaps this man could help relieve some of my pain, besides he offered a deal I couldn’t refuse. After all of the exams, x-rays and evaluation by Dr. Barone, I okayed that first painless treatment and felt almost immediate improvement. Since starting this very professional treatment (none of that snap, crackle and pop stuff), I have not taken one pain pill or used other means for relief. I am staying in alignment for longer and longer so I am improving. At my age I know I’ll never be 100%, but being 80% plus is fantastic!"
    – R. F. R.
  • "When I first came into the office I was a mess. I had severe pain in my right shoulder, to the point where I couldn’t even move it. I had also been suffering with migraines that were severe to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed. I had also been experiencing the worst menstrual pain from the time I first got my period. At times I would curl up in the fetal position on my bed and cry in pain.

    Since coming to see Dr. Barone, I can move my right shoulder with no pain at all, I no longer have migraines that keep me in bed and my menstrual pain is minimal. I am so grateful to have found Barone Spinal Care; the doctors have changed my life in such a huge way. I can do things I haven’t been able to do in a long time. Thank you so much to Barone Spinal Care!"
    – Michayla P.
  • "Entering the office, everyone is greeted with sincere, personal and welcoming professionalism. The office is well organized and there is very little wait time to see the doctors for an exam. Questions are answered well and treatments explained with visuals and your own actual X-rays. The atmosphere throughout the entire visit is one of concern and passion for complete wellness of each patient. Every visit is a pleasant experience. Such happiness is also good “medicine.”

    As a retired teacher, I have too much life planned to be slowed by pain. I am so grateful to have met the folks of Barone Spinal Care. Not only have you helped me feel better now, you’ve opened up the future. Thank you."
    – Lou
  • "I tell everyone I know about Upper Cervical Chiropractic. It provides fast, painless relief instantly, and is so gentle you are unaware of the transformation taking place in your spine and neck, it is truly life-changing because it allows you to do those things you previously were unable to do.
    I can’t thank Dr. Barone enough for the gift of restored health he has given back to me."
    – Gayl A. L.
  • "I am so happy not to be taking pain killers and sleep aids any longer. Dr. Barone has changed my life physically with the Upper Cervical procedure, and I hold him responsible for the smile I have on my face everyday!
    I am so blessed and grateful that I made the best decision for my life, and that is to see Dr. Barone."
    – Carol B.
  • "My experience here has been great. The Doctors give very detailed explanations. The amazing part is that I didn’t feel a thing. There was no popping, no cracking, no pain, no nothing. Changes I noticed immediately after the correction was less stiffness in the neck, fewer headaches, less dizziness, less pins and needles, less hip pains, less low back pain, and less knee pains.
    My suffering has improved tremendously because of this treatment and I am very thankful to Dr. Barone and his staff for improving my life."
    – Peter K.
  • "After my first visit, I felt off balance. Not in a bad way, just odd. After a month of visits, about twice a week, I began to discern “bad days” versus “good days”. This meant I was having good days!!! The irony is that the good days snuck up on me!! I took them fro granted because the pain in my neck wasn’t existing on a daily basis.

    Through the help of Barone Spinal Care and NUCCA practice I do not need to consider additional disk fusions! What’s done is done, I cannot turn back time and see Dr. Barone before my first surgery but I can definitely do something about the future. I do not need to deny myself a pain-free life. I can look forward and not fear!!"
    – Connie H.
  • "I came to the office that day and met with you. You were very professional. You asked many questions about my medical history. I told you about my legs, my hips, and my inability to stand on my legs for any length of time. I also felt that I was moving like I was much older that I was in reality. After the consultation, I decided to go with X-rays and the first treatment. Almost immediately I could walk without the limp. My legs were the same length after the adjustment. I have been coming twice a week since mid-November and my pain has really decreased. You said it will take time for me to become pain-free and now I am starting to see that happen."
    – Cheryl B.
  • "I came to you after I herniated L4-5 disc in my lower back.Being only 32 years old, and suffering from some extreme low back pain that radiated into my left buttockfor two weeks, I was recommended to you by my mother, Kathy Marston, who knows you personally. The pain caused me to lose time from work, sleep and stop most of all my normal daily activities. Before seeing you I was recommended to see a pain specialist for steroid injections or possibly even surgery. After my mother’s recommendation, and the trust the she has for you, I felt comfortable and very quickly trusted you and your treatment."
    – Chris M.
  • "I have attended many sessions at Barone Spinal Care & Performance and felt bad after some however Dr. Landholm explained that it was a normal reaction and means that the body is reacting to it.
    Now after many sessions I feel incredible improvement. No muscle pain, I sleep really well, and wear shoes without any problem and pain. I still get headaches from time to time and ringing in my ears, but it’s nothing what it was in the past.

    In that short letter I would like to thank you, Dr. Barone, Dr. Landholm and entire staff at Barone Spinal Care & Performance for your hard work, support for the help."
    – Lucyna Boron
  • "I am a 29 year old woman who has been suffering from physical ailments since I was 15 years old. When I was younger, I experienced several instances where I passed out, fell and hit my head on the floor. I never thought that these falls caused any damage or injury to my body, I even went to the emergency room following a severe fall when I was 15 in which I hit my head on tile floor. But the emergency room staff released me stating that there were no diagnosis or issues with me. Immediately after that fall I began suffering from severe daily anxiety and panic attacks that felt as if I was having a heart attack and dying these have continued to present day."
    – Tiffanie Brill
  • "My family and friends have been after me to stand up straight. I told them that I am doing the best that I can. I met Dr. Landholm at the Palatine Street Fest. She did a scan on my neck. My results were red and pink, not green. I made an appointment for a full evaluation. According to Dr. Barone, my results were shocking. I signed up right on the spot to continue treatments to help improve my posture. The results have been amazing. My family and friends have commented on how much straighter I am standing! Thanks to Dr. J I am an inch taller! The doctors and the staff are very friendly with a very positive outlook. A great place to be a patient!"
    -Kevin W.
  • "I’m writing about my progress with the treatments through the Barone Spinal Care. I had various pains, soreness, and ailments which I didn’t attribute to the spine or nervous system. My posture was bad and I stood a bit on an angle, which was attributed to having one leg shorter than the other. My neck hurt due to stiffness when turning back in my car to check traffic. I had various pains in the shoulders, neck, hips, and lower back, and also experienced dizziness and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)."
    – Ted S.
  • "I had been experiencing back pain located between the shoulder blades, lower back as well as neck pain leading into the shoulders for several years, and upon turning 48 years old, decided to do something about it. I had tried the old snap, crackle and pop of an ordinary chiropractor, but found it somewhat uncomfortable during the correction procedure and the pain never really subsided."
    – Andrew E.
  • "I am 35 years old and have been suffering from back pain since May of 2003. Previous to May I have had backaches that would improve after rest. One day, while getting into the shower, I sneezed and my back went into spasm I was barely able to walk. My doctor prescribed muscle relaxant, pain kill relievers and physical therapy. After 3-months of physical therapy I felt close to 100%. I though the physical therapy cured me of my back problems.

    About a week later while reaching for a waste container my back went out again. Once again the doctor prescribed muscle relaxants and pain kill relievers. He also set up an MRI, which showed that I had a herniated disc. My doctor suggested that I try NUCCA. By that time my back felt better so I put off going to the chiropractor. About 2-weeks later my back went out again and the first call I made was to your office to set up an appointment. I felt that this was a better alternative to surgery."
    Sincerely, – Karl C.
  • "I am 67 years old. For the last 28 years I have been experiencing some problems with back pain. I suffered a fall on the ice and ever since then I have off and on periods of pain, which caused some very curtailed activity, not being able to pick up my grandbabies or take care of my plants, or even do household chores. I went to several chiropractors. Some helped a little but I always ended up in the pain spasms arena.

    I heard about Barone Spinal Care about a year ago on the radio 1160 WYLL. I went for my first visit and started treatment. I was impressed at how thorough the exams were and everyone was very friendly and helpful.

    I honestly didn’t notice any big change at first but as the days went by I could feel my spine shifting. Some days I had a lot of pain and some days were better. I seem to be improving and look forward to better days ahead."
    – Maureen L.
  • "Dear Dr. Barone,

    I felt crabby, tired, angry, and constantly had mood swings before coming to see you. I had no energy and could only do a limited number of things because of the pain. Before I came to Barone Spinal Care, I went to a chiropractor for 2 years, and also tried many different forms of pain relief such as acupuncture, creams, pills, herbal teas and patches for migraines and back pain. Unfortunately nothing worked. One day I heard about Barone Spinal care when I was listening to the radio station WYLL. My husband thought I should give it a try. What harm could it do?

    My experience here has been extremely pleasant. The staff is very friendly, and they make me feel special. The exams are very thorough and the doctors explain everything in great detail. The changes that I noticed immediately after the correction were no pain, no stiffness, more energy, and most importantly no back pain. I find myself thinking more clearly, and feeling light headed."
    Sincerely, – Darina K.

About Us

Our Mission is to transform the quality of lives of the people in our community through the delivery of precise Upper Cervical Chiropractic care and supportive services. Our practice is in the Top 1% of all chiropractic providers in the world.

Philosophy: At Barone Spinal Care, we believe in the 4 Keys to Health and want to help every patient grow to their optimal potential by implementing these 4 Keys into their daily life. The Keys are: 1) Spinal Alignment; 2) Exercise; 3) Nutrition; and 4) Spiritual, Relational, and Emotional Well-Being. (Relationship with God / Family / Friends)

What we are: Barone Spinal Care was founded in 2003 by Dr. Jeremy R. Barone as the place for people in our community to receive one of the most gentle & precise forms of chiropractic care in the world, Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Dr. Barone knew that this form of chiropractic care, which does not involve any of the popping, twisting, or cracking common in typical chiropractic offices, offered significant benefits. Upper Cervical Chiropractic care would benefit not only back-pain sufferers, but for those dealing with many other health & wellness challenges.


The clinic became Barone Spinal Care and Performance in 2009 with the creation of “Barone Performance” our performance training facility. We’re a highly successful, subluxation-based, Upper Cervical Chiropractic / Wellness practice.

What type of patient we work with: We work with elite athletes, the rich, the poor, the healthy, the diseased, the dying, the hopeful, and the hopeless. We find out where people have been, where they are, and where they want to go and then work on inspiring them to live a life to their full potential. The Barone Spinal Care and Performance staff are energetic, passionate, brutally honest, loyal and mission/service driven – WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!!!!!

What is a Practice Member?: Typically when you visit a doctors’ office, you’re a patient of the doctor, having tests, procedures, or treatments done to you. When you come to Barone Spinal Care & Performance, we want you to take a more hands-on role in the care of your health & wellness by being an active participant in your treatment plan. We will do this with you. You will receive treatments, as needed, under the expert care of our Chiropractic Doctors, and you will also be guided & educated on many other things that will help you to have even better results from your treatment plan. As a Practice Member, we expect you to take ownership of your wellness care, and implement things outside of your time with the Doctors with the end-goal being ultimate performance, wellness, and you at your highest potential.

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